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Check out Spidell's California Minute — a podcast dedicated to providing you with California tax news snippets. We'll be bringing you tips and hot topics that will save you time, and save your clients tax, in an audio format that you can access at your office or on your phone. So give us a minute, and we'll give you news you can use.
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May 25, 2017

This week we have information on the release of FTB notices plus how you can find the best time to call the FTB.

May 19, 2017

This week we’re looking at the importance of filling an extension that makes a good attempt at estimating the tax due, as compared to filing a zero due extension.

May 12, 2017

This week we’re looking at a new bill proposing a tax that was not well received the first time it was enacted almost 30 years ago.

May 5, 2017

This week we have some information on why a taxpayer's head of household status might have been denied.

Apr 28, 2017

This week we’re talking about two notices the FTB may send to a taxpayer when they suspect identity theft, and the fastest way to handle these notices.

Apr 21, 2017

This week, we’re looking at new legislation that makes another attempt at adding sales tax to services.

Jan 27, 2017

This week we have a few tips to ease you into the busy season: driver’s licenses, LLCs filing as corporations, renewing MyFTB, and possible withholding issues.

Jan 20, 2017

This week, we’re talking about employee business expense audits, and what to expect if your client is being audited.

Jan 13, 2017

This week, we’re offering a few general tips in advance of the coming filing season.

Jan 6, 2017

This week we have an update on the Swart case, which could affect out-of-state entities whose passive investments open them up to potentially rising to the level of “doing business” in California.

Dec 30, 2016

This week we are covering the latest in scam e-mails that are circulating. Find out how to identify a scam and protect yourself.

Dec 16, 2016

This week we are covering the top five reasons why the FTB might reject a POA that’s filed using MyFTB.

Dec 9, 2016

This week, we’re comparing the Trump tax plan and the GOP’s “Better Way” plan and how they could affect California tax law.

Dec 2, 2016

This week, we’re covering the latest identity theft scam facing tax professionals, and, on the California side, how identity theft affects those using MyFTB.

Nov 25, 2016

This week we’re focusing on maintaining current address information with the IRS and FTB.

Nov 18, 2016

This week we’re looking at the details of the plastic bag ban that passed in the November 8th election.

Nov 12, 2016

This week, we’re talking about the provisions of Prop. 64 and when they go into effect.

Nov 4, 2016

This week we have a reminder that it’s time to renew your PTIN for the upcoming 2017 tax season, and there’s a PTIN scam to watch out for.

Oct 28, 2016

This week we’re covering how to renew clients within your MyFTB Account and how the 10-day hold factors into the process.

Oct 21, 2016

This week we’re talking about the dissolution process for corporations: how to make the election and which forms need to be filed.

Oct 14, 2016

This week, we’re taking a break from tax and looking at some of the more interesting bills that were signed into law this year.

Oct 7, 2016

This week, we’re talking about the difficulties of proving reasonable cause for penalty abatement: what does and does not constitute reasonable cause, and federal and California differences regarding penalty abatement.

Sep 30, 2016

This week, we review extensions, penalties, and how federal and state penalties work together.

Sep 23, 2016

This week, we're looking at business asset protection avenues such as insurance and entity selection, and key strategies that should be part of a business asset protection plan.

Sep 16, 2016

This is the second of a two-part series on the Ralite case. Last week, we talked about how shareholders and LLC members can escape liability for the debts of their upside-down businesses. This week, we’re going to cover the steps you can take if your client qualifies for Ralite treatment.

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